Welcome to Oak and Bend!

Hi, I’m Lusi

I started Oak and Bend, because I wanted to spread joy with flowers! It was my sister’s birthday and I wanted to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. After searching for an affordable florist in the greater Los Angelos area, I ultimately found a florist and was able to send her a beautiful arrangement. What transpired afterwards was the significant part.

She was in tears when she received the bouquet, because she said it was uncommon for her to be gifted flowers. As an older sister, my heart sank, because here was one of my younger sisters who was not accustomed to receiving flowers whether for her life’s most important events or just because.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized it is time for change!

As a result, I started with my mom and sisters, then my aunts, then close family friends, and slowly expanded. You know what I observed, as I would walk up to the person with a bouquet or an arrangement of flowers, the surprise, that smile and light in their eyes. It was truly priceless!

What I realized was that it was not just one of my younger sisters, there were many more individuals who were not accustomed to receiving flowers. After some encouragement, I began Oak and Bend.

My mission is to spread joy to others with flowers. Flowers are God’s gift to us to enjoy and admire and at Oak and Bend we believe that everyone should be gifted flowers! Oddly this has been my way of reconnecting with humanity and community, especially during these divided times where humanity seems to be missing. So join me and my floral mission, and let’s spread joy to humanity through the gifting of flowers!