Welcome to Oak and Bend!

Hi, I’m Lusi

I started Oak and Bend, because I wanted to spread joy with flowers and now after a little over a year of doing just that, I decided to expand!

The year 2022 opened many possibilities and growth opportunities for myself and my endeavors. I started Oak and Bend, because I saw how much joy flowers brought to the women around me and wanted to share that with many others. Now as a result of my little mission, I connected with many different people in a short amount of time, who needed help with flowers. I began learning about arrangement techniques to create flower bouquets for for baby welcomes, birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much all of life’s important moments.

My mission is still to continue spreading joy with flowers, because they are God’s gift to us, a reminder that we all have beauty and uniqueness within us!

As I continue to learn these styles and techniques, I have come to self reflect on my limitations and abilities. I am taking this year, 2023, to master some floral techniques. I am so excited for this journey and hope to connect with you and your floral needs for your and yours life’s important moments.